Shenzhen megahertz Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2016. It is a provider of antenna solutions for wireless communication products, providing antenna design, sales, manufacturing and production services. It is jointly founded by a senior technical team in the industry, and has accumulated rich experience in antenna design and manufacturing. It cooperates with the board end wiring and circuit design of wireless communication products and passes various strict test requirements And standardized production process, to ensure the consistency of products for customers, to ensure the wireless radiation performance of products.

We serve the wireless field; we focus on antenna design, which is dedicated to Internet of things +, smart home, automotive electronics, digital home, industrial control, wireless power grid and portable network communication devices and other fields to provide customers with all-round antenna design, EMI and RF solutions; according to different application areas of customers, customized development, to provide customers with complete and professional services.
2016 year
Company Founded
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Internet of things +
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